Bens Ferrari Testorossa

The Testarossa…where do I start…wanted one forever, finally got one thanks to Richard and Geogg at Shiltech.

I had mentioned to them that I fancied a TR when the 308 was in for a service a while back and out of the blue I got a call from Richard to say that a car they knew very well was on the market at a very sensible price and if they were looking for a TR then this would be the car for them.

Got to be worth a look I thought. Which I did and they weren’t wrong….it was stunning in nearly every way!!!

We have had a few through the workshop at various times and this was by far and away the best example I had seen.

It’s a 1987 car, red (of course), black interior with red Sparco racing seats. The paint is excellent apart from a scratch on the rear bumper, the engine is perfect and spotless. It drove perfectly and sounded gorgeous thanks to a stainless sports exhaust. A nice private registration plate also came with the car…bonus!

I was struggling to find anything to crib the car on…the only things I found were the scratch on the bumper, the wheels needed refurbing and a small crack in the rear screen.

Two weeks of haggling and a deal was struck!

The rear screen was replaced at great cost by the previous owners insurance company, I’ve had the wheels refurbished and a set of new tyres so all that’s left to do is paint the rear bumper.

The car has covered about 850 miles since I have owned her and it hasn’t missed a beat. It is a totally different experience to the 308, such a big car but very chuckable and the power is delivered perfectly for my style of driving.

The only bad point I’ve found is that the brakes are barely able to cope with very fast driving and I have had a couple of arse twitching moments when I have run out of road due to brake fade!

Not to worry, Shiltech have a set of uprated pads waiting for it so hopefully that will help.

All in all I enjoy both my Ferrari’s and I will keep you informed as to how my ownership of them progresses.

Benn Padfield