Bens Ferrari 308

I bought the 308 from Foskers at Brands Hatch in April 2002 having been offered several cars through contacts we have in the trade but rejected them all for various reasons.

I wanted a red car with a dry sump, carburettors and a deep front spoiler. It had to be good mechanically but I wasn’t too bothered about the body for obvious reasons. That’s pretty much what I found at Foskers.

The car had a slightly high mileage at 56000 but had a good history file and had the added bonus of recently having the heads off for the unleaded conversion.

Foskers put a full MOT on her and I went and collected her. As luck would have it they had just acquired a sports exhaust that would fit so I bought that as well.

First jobs when I got home were to fit the exhaust and purchase some 16 inch wheels from QV. New wheels and tyres transformed the feel of the car and, in my opinion, made it look a lot better too.

I was planning to get the body sorted very early on but the bad parts weren’t that bad and I kept wanting to use the car so it has taken until now (having bought a Testarossa) to knuckle down and get on with it!

As far as problems go I’ve only had the usual electrical niggles such as slow windows and intermittent lights but she has never let me down and I have done a fair few miles in her. The steering rack is now in dire need of overhauling and I’ve just replaced the front suspension bushes.

So, the car is now half way through its preparation for its re-paint – I’ve chopped out some rot and put some new metal in, smoothed some minor dents and generally removed all the little bits that have been annoying me for a while…and discovered a few more in the process!

When it’s all finished, hopefully before the summer, I wont want to sell her but I will have to….that will be a sad day, but we are now onto newer and faster things…i.e. the Testarossa!!!!

Benn Padfield